Associate Professor – Department of Linguistics

Portrait of Professor Mora Marin

Academic Background
I’m a linguistic anthropologist specializing in Mesoamerican linguistics and epigraphy. I obtained my Ph.D. from SUNY-Albany in 2001, and my B.A. from KU-Lawrence in 1996.

Research Interests
My research involves comparative and historical reconstruction of Mayan morphosyntax and the study of the origin, orthography, and grammatical structure of ancient Mayan hieroglyphic texts. I am also interested in the study of the linguistic history of other Mesoamerican languages and scripts (e.g. Epi-Olmec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan), and the origin of Mesoamerican writing systems. I also deal with issues of language and power (Bourdieu, Foucault, Weber) and civilizational studies (Wallerstein), as well as on the art history and archaeology of ancient Costa Rican societies, especially the Precolumbian jade lapidary tradition.

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